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Laurel Mt. Majesty, a beautiful tri-color llewellin setter out of Laurel Lynnhill Shade by Brier
(Llewellins love to swim)
Llewellin Setter puppies in the North woods
Llewellin Setter puppies in the North Woods.
Blizzard's Browning Citori, an amazing llewellin setter bird dog

Laurel Mt. Llewellin Setters

Class in a bird dog is the ability to do, at great speed and with unusual accuracy, what the average can only do slowly and under particularly favourable circumstances."

Bill Brown, the late editor of The American Field


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The Llewellin Setter has "indomitable, enduring, hard-working properties" (to quote Edward Laverack), wonderful character and style, a great passion for bird finding and are loyal companions. Our Llewellin Setters have filled our home with fun and companionship and our freezer full of upland birds.


Proven hunters, our Llewellin Setters are also a huge part of our family. They are truly, in our opinion, the best gun dog breed. We have hunted over many breeds and are convinced Llewellin Setters are the quintessential upland bird dog. We have seen no other breed with such style and grace, natural, inherited abilities, and such lovely personality. If you are serious about upland bird hunting, you need to get serious about the dog that accompanies you. The Llewellin Setter works tirelessly to find birds. It is what they have been bred to do.


Our goal in breeding our Llewellin Setters is first and foremost to preserve the natural hunting and pointing instinct, intelligence, class, stamina, and temperament in this truly amazing breed of dog. We do not have a large, fancy operation, in fact we have very humble facilities in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and Pennsylvania, but their comfort, care, and happieness are our focus. All we have goes to our Llewellins. Our dogs are an extension of our family. The Llewllin Setter has become our passion, our obsession, our life.

Llewellin Setter pups, whose parents are proven excellent in the field will be made available to hunting/falconry/trialing families only. We are committed to maintaining the Llewellin Setter breed as a magnificent gun dog. And, while the Llewellin Setter also makes a great companion on the sofa—even in your bed—they are bird dogs first and foremost and need to be worked and hunted. If you do not have the time to devote to the care, attention and time afield, do not acquire one! I, personally, have not seen a Llewellin that was content not hunting.


The natural hunting instinct has been bred out of so many of the hunting breeds and are now bred for just "show" or "companion" dogs. We are committed to making sure that does not happen to the Llewellin Setter and in order to obtain a dog from us, we will ask your intentions, why you want a Llewellin setter, the amount of time you plan to devote to hunting, etc..


You might think my questions are a bit intrusive but I believe it is my responsibility to make sure these pups receive the opportunity to do what they were bred to do. There is just no sense in getting a dog that you will not be pleased with and if you try to make it something that it is not, you will not be pleased and the dog will not be happy.


I know of no other breed with the intelligence, nose, biddability, class, and breathtaking beauty--not to mention their loving, loyal personality--there is no other breed that does so effortlessly, naturally what the Llewellin does--find upland birds--with such class, desire, and loyalty (in my opinion). Are you ready for the best?

Llewellin Setter, Brier. The best bird dog anywhere!


Our fabulous Llewellin Setter, Santana


lynnhill's brier bud, our fabulous tri-color llewellin setter.


Boone, an all-black llewellin setter and an amazing bird dog


Steele, a blizzard-line llewellin, a fantastic grouse dog, and one of the greatest Llewellin setters known by me.