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Ranger of Laurel Mt
Photo by Nick Lazur



I recommend the vaccination protocol by Dr. Jean Dodds. See details here.

  • The Core Vaccination Protocol I follow (and why my puppies stay longer--because I want to ensure they receive this protocol. Puppies are with me until at least 11 weeks of age and then only if there is an agreement to follow the following protocol):

    9 - 10 weeks of age

    • Distemper • Parvovirus

    14 – 15 weeks of age

    • Distemper • Parvovirus

    18 weeks of age

    • Parvovirus only

    Note: New research states that last puppy Parvovirus vaccine should be at 18 weeks old.

    24 weeks of age (or as your state law dictates)

    • Rabies

    1 year after last vaccination (optional booster)

    Distemper Parvovirus

    Have your Llewellin Setter titered to check immunity levels before revaccination.  


    Please read more about recommended vaccination protocols here.

I highly recommend all dog owners to find an Integrative  Holistic Veterinarian and become educated on holistic health practices for your dog. The health of your dog is in YOUR hands, not your veterinarian's. My puppy owners are required to have a holistic veterinarian before we will allow the pup to leave us.

Make Jean Dodds, DMV's website and educational articles a must read for anyone purchasing a pup from anywhere. It is that important.





Grouse dog, Llewellin Setter, Kea out of Lady Bird x Ike Wind'em
(Lady Bird x Ike)

Lovely male tri-color pup out of Shay x Brier